Earn Money Online Easily With WordPress and Google Adsense With These Keys

If you have been considering how to earn money online using Google Adsense then you should consider using WordPress as a basis for your site.

Wordpress (which makes it easy to earn money online by blogging) has dual functionality as a CMS or Content Management System as well as a platform for your blog. For a quick and easy way to get content online rapidly and to make managing it a breeze, just use Google WordPress.

Wordpress has an administration panel known as ‘dashboard’ which allows you to write and manage posts and pages in a simple word processor like fashion. Various other aspects of your site, including categories, can be similarly managed with Dashboard.

The really spectacular thing about using WordPress as a basis for your Adsense website and to earn money online is how customizable it is. WordPress users may use any of the thousands of templates or themes that have been developed, many of which include Adsense blocks that optimize your site for a high click through rate. The practical result of this is that as soon as you upload an Adsense-ready template to your site, it becomes an Adsense website. This leaves you with more free time to concentrate on writing quality content for your website!

In addition to including Adsense links and ad units, many WordPress themes (ones that make it easy to earn money online) are also SEO, or search engine optimized, which means any search engine spider will attract search engine spiders and interlink pages in such a way that pages are accessed in the correct way.

Wordpress also ‘pings’ many services for you through pingomatic each time you create a new post. This alerts the search engines to the fact that you have created new content and tells them to send the search engine spiders out to index your site which multiplies the power to earn money online. Sitemaps and RSS feeds may be generated automatically by WordPress.

Because WordPress serves as a blogging platform, this functionality makes it simple for visitors to post comments on any article you write. Site “stickiness” is encouraged with this sort of user interaction. Don’t overlook the advantage of increased site content each time someone posts a comment giving you the possibility to earn money online even more.

Thousands of ‘plugins’ are available for WordPress – plugins bring extra functions to your site and are quick and easy to install. One super-useful plugin for affiliate marketers automatically turns words into links. With that plugin, you can quickly create affiliate words and links you’d like your site associated with.

For the affiliate and Adsense webmaster, the many uses of WordPress can make it their very best friend and the #1 way to earn money online.

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- Edward M. Brancheau

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