Earn Money On The Internet: Adsense Can Make You A Pro Blogger And A Sage At Revenue

Want to earn money on the internet? Let me ask you one questin: Do the words blog, web log, or online diary sound familiar to you? You’ve probably seen these terms at least once per day that you’ve been active on the Internet since 2002.

You may not know that blogging can be a direct way to earn money on the internet as well as a way to be indexed with major search engines.

The idea of blogging is not new, but it has really taken off in the last few years after online marketers discovered how potent a tool it is to earn money on the internet.

Many places will let you start blogs for little or nothing. Moveable Type, WordPress, and Blogger (owned by Google) are some of the highest-rated hosting services for blogs. If you already have a web hosting account somewhere, that runs cPanel & Fantastic, then you’re in luck, because WordPress blog software is just a couple of mouse clicks away from installing on one of your domains.

With no start-up fee and a simple blog creation process, Blogger.com is the easier blog hosting website with which to get started. Blogger’s service is limited by its small number of available features. Google owns Blogger, allowing simple access to Google’s features with a Blogger website.

Many have discovered that integrating Google Adsense makes it simple to earn money on the internet with their blog. Blogger further simplified the process for their users. Contextual advertising accessed with one of the many sources such as Chitka, Kanoodle or Yahoo is also a must, as is connection with any affiliates you have developed.

You can also use your blog to provide links to your other websites. This is very important since the more back links that you have coming inbound to your websites, the better you will rank for the keywords you are promoting. You must have keyword anchor links in place for your blog and all the pages that it links to for this strategy to be effective.

This is a shorter version of the steps you must take to ensure that you earn money on the internet with your blog.

The first essential step is setting up a Blogger account or choosing another online service to create a blog.

You must then provide a source of income, such as Google Adsense or some other contextual advertising to earn money on the internet. At this point, sprinkle in some targeted keyword anchor links that direct readers to other sites that you operate.

Ping after every new post to alert to the new articles and to get search engines to index the new copy. All those targeted links you created will return to your pages and register on the search engines as well. Are you convinced that this is a potent promotion technique and a spectacular way to earn money on the internet?

Now just keep posting to your blogs and if you keep up with it and continue to add new content on a regular basis, you’ll start reaping the rewards of blogging and earn money on the internet.

Want to know how you can automate this entire process and earn money on the internet from Google Adsense without writing a single letter yourself? Then check out my program, The New Adsense Inbox, right now.

- Edward M. Brancheau

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