Earn Extra Money with Affiliate Links, Google Adsense and PL Content

There are numerous opportunities on the Web today offering ways to earn extra money online, so many people ask themselves a question: “Does it really work”?

Even if you have never actually tried to work from home and earn some money online, you would have probably heard some of the popular names that are all over the web. Everyone considers themselves an expert, or at least a person who knows one. It’s nothing but a trick of an online salesman. And they make you think that if you do not know somebody, you will always be a nobody.

Their actions speak for themselves: product launches, audio and video streaming, teleseminars, and joint ventures, etc. These actions have proven to be successful and sometimes drive large sales numbers. In all fairness, these products and services are genuine and valuable to the folks who buy them.

But the sales people won’t tell you that making thousands of dollars a month without paying them entrance fees is quite possible. They do not fly to every seminar in the country just to make contacts. They don’t get involved in joint ventures because no one knows what it is and who they are. They literally sit in front of their computers in their underwear, click a few links, and wait for the money to roll in.

Affiliate links, Google Adsense, and content. These will help you understand how people manage this.

Let us understand how Google Adsense works. A lot of good content on your website makes it easier for search engines to pick out your website in a search.

The search engine’s bots, also called spiders, periodically crawl the Web, including your multiple page website, in search for more fresh content, indexing and ranking it.

How does it help you in your online venture? Simply by placing Adsense ads on top of every page of your website. Someone attracted to your website might be also interested in Adsense links and click it. Google pays you a commission from each such banner click. The commission may be anything starting from a few cents and up to several dollars.

The readers just need to click the link. They do not have to necessarily buy something. If you want to generate more income for yourself, direct more people to your site so that more links may be clicked.

Now all you need is content. It is possible to write your own content when you know how to do it right. Sometimes, people have others to create content for them.

One option would be to use articles written by others. You can find many articles in the popular article directories. Most of it can be used for free if you include the link to the article’s source. It works because you’re not selling your own product.

One of the major issues with such content is that a visitor will sometimes click on a referral link instead of Adsense, and you’ll lose any commission.

You can also use Private Label Rights articles. With a few little touches you can turn these articles into your own.

In order to increase your chances to earn extra money, put up your own resource box with a link to an affiliate program. The reader can now click either this link or the Adsense link, both will be beneficial to you.

Do not believe those who say to earn extra money on the Internet is difficult. It is just like any other business, if your customers are satisfied, they will come back to you.

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- Ed Brancheau

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