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Do you know the powerful significance enjoying audiobooks while driving to work each morning.

As you probably know, 97 million Americans drive alone to work everyday, and that the commuters are stuck in traffic an average of 62 hours per year.During this time they do nothing other than hum to themselves (leaving their minds empty) all of the way commuting to work. Some that turn on the radio spend the time listening to music.

Now… here’s a pleasant, yet scary fact

When you let people make use of that “dead time” by listening to audiobooks, you effectively put time back into their lives. There will also come a time when people who were never interested in books – or never had time to read them – will find the time to listen to them while they’re ‘on the go’. The can listening an audiobook while walking their dog, jogging, gardening, working out, doing chores, running errands, and especially while commuting to and from work. Considering that so many Americans drive alone to work everyday, and are stuck in traffic an average of 62 hours per year, Just imagine what you could do with all of that wasted time.

So, let me ask you, why would you continue to “waste” valuable time on your daily commute to work when you can ” Feed two birds with one seed”. Ask yourself what new skill or expertise you would love to learn. When you are certain of your answer, hop online and search for any audio book series in that area.

So let me summarize and give you an example…

For most of us who are business people, we love to improve our business undestanding via reading and taking courses, but we lack the time to do so.

This is where audio books have come to play a very important role in our lives. As a business person, you can now use the amazing value inherent in listening to audio books. You won’t have to worry about not having the time or will to flip through the pages of a book. With an audio book you can enjoy the same value of any business book when preparing to go to work in the morning, when commuting to and from work, etc.

If you are at a loss for the specific business audio books to go for, start with following audiobook which I consider to be one of the best that any business person should listen to: How to win friends and influence people – by Dale Carnegie I don’t know about you, but the most important aspect of my business is PEOPLE. For almost every endeavor of life, especially business, we need people to keep the business going. Not just the people that bring us sales, but also the people that make the sales possible. To be able to succeed at this, we all need to know “how to win friends and influence people”. That’s why this incredible book by Dale Carnegie is a “must have” for any person in business. With the power of the information contained in this book, you can learn, not just how to influence people so that they bring in more sales for your business, but most importantly how to win your friends and staff that help you make the sales possible. Now in audio book format, you can enjoy this book from the comfort of your car while commuting to and from your job This audio book can do a lot for your business and career if you take the time to listen to them, and apply what you will learn therein to your business and career. is the blog of Audado offers over 5,000 downloadable audio books and spoken word material Books are organized by categories like biography, fiction, history, humor, religion, and self help.

- Ruben Alvarez

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