Don’t Take A Time management course

Productivity is without a doubt one of a leader’s primary concerns.  Leaders are usually consistently searching at the best way they can be more effective in getting things successfully done.  That’s why leaders want to get leadership development training so they may become an expert in such skills like delegation, problem solving and decision making.   Another skill which leaders often struggle with is time management.  For this reason, leaders undertake the typical routine of: if I need to improve in time management, I will look at a time management course.   

More often than not, time management difficulties are really not time management problems, but goal clarification challenges.  Goal clarification challenges involve precisely what has to get done, what is the top priority of things to get done, and what it requires to get it successfully done.

Let’s consider an example about goals and priorities.  Why don’t we say you are so full you are unable to take on something in addition on your plate.  Every waking moment you are greatly engaged in some undertaking of trying to get everything done.  Then let’s say you visit a medical doctor and the doctor tells you in order for you to maintain your health you have got to get some treatments every single day for the following 20 days and in addition each treatment normally takes close to 5 hours.  

Prior to the doctor’s appointment you couldn’t take something else on your plate.  All of a sudden your current priorities change.  You immediately will come up with available time to undertake the medical treatments.  So what on earth happens to the other stuff that you “had” to accomplish before?  That stuff either is not going to get carried out or someone else does it which usually means that what they were originally performing doesn’t get carried out.

The very first principle of time management is that there will invariably be something to carry out and everything will certainly not get accomplished.  Time management is about performing the most significant items first.  If you are carrying out the most crucial items first you know precisely how to manage your time.  You are most likely thinking what if I don’t know the best way to go about carrying out the most important issue in the most efficient manner?  Well, this is certainly a training issue on the matter not time management.  
So the very first thing you really want to do to manage your time is to decide just what exactly has to get performed.  Make a complete list of each thing that has to get completed.  Then you have got to figure out exactly what is the priority of things that have to get performed.   This process could be a collective decision of the group or you as the boss might make the decision.  Once you have determined what has to get carried out and the order in which it is to get done, then you have to figure out what it will take to get items performed.

This piece might be hard due to the fact there could possibly be a number of action steps of which you have no idea how long it will take to complete. Additionally, you want to balance establishing a time period that forces you to extend yourself and at the very same time is attainable.  Mastering this particular discipline comes through on the job training.   Set your targets and if you need to modify, you adjust.

The very next time: “I need to do a time management course”, remember the problem is in all likelihood not a time management problem, but a goals clarification challenge.  As soon as you actually have got your targets clear as well as fully understand the top priority of those desired goals, time management becomes much easier.  

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