District of Columbia Vote Unconstitutional

Would you believe that the House of Representatives passed a bill giving voting representation in Congress in direct violation of the . According to a very informative post by Doug Mataconis of The Liberty Papers blog, this is unconstitutional. However, only a few members seemed opposed. Maybe, they haven’t read the lately?

Here’s what happened today:

The House today passed legislation to give the District a full seat in Congress, marking the biggest victory in nearly three decades in the city’s quest for voting rights.

Members voted 241 to 177 for the measure, a political compromise that would add two seats to the House: one for the heavily Democratic District, and the other for the state next in line for an additional representative. Currently, that state is Republican-leaning Utah. Later, in a companion bill, they voted 216 to 203 to pay for creation of the two seats.

“This legislation corrects a serious flaw in our democracy,” declared House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

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