Digital Music services get a ton of royalties already…

I guess the courts agreed with the little man this time around allowing us to continue to get our digital music. While I understand that record companies and various corporation look to make a profit off of this, it’s in nobody’s best interest to limit access by trying to grab more money. Here’s a bit of what happened as reported by Media Law Prof Blog run by Christina Corcos, Associate Law Professor at Louisiana State Univ.

LAS VEGAS (AP) – Internet radio broadcasters were dealt a setback Monday when a panel of copyright judges threw out requests to reconsider a ruling that hiked the royalties they must pay to record companies and artists.

A broad group of public and private broadcasters, including radio stations, small startup companies, National Public Radio and major online sites like Yahoo Inc. (YHOO) (YHOO) and Time Warner Inc. (TWX) (TWX)’s AOL, had objected to the new royalties set March 2, saying they would force a drastic cutback in services that are now enjoyed by some 50 million people.

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