In Like With Your Lawyer

by Denise Howell

A regular contributor to Between Lawyers, Denise Howell wrote this brief, thought-provoking post that is dead on when it comes to selecting an attorney. We make a lot of lawyer jokes, but when it comes down to it reputation and trust-level are tops.

A bit about Ms. Howell:

Denise Howell is a seasoned appellate and intellectual property litigator based in Los Angeles. Denise writes one of the first and most popular law-related blogs, Bag and Baggage, coined the term “blawg” and helped pioneer podcasting for lawyers.

Here’s what she had to say:

I was listening yesterday to the terrific CalacanisCast interview with Dan Albritton of, and was struck yet again by the way indicia of reputation, trustworthiness, and credibility are shifting and quantifying. I’m not sure what tomorrow’s AV rating will look like, but I suspect it will be less subjective, more egalitarian, and more task-oriented.

Thanks for putting that out so clearly.

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