Cyprus Property For Sale In Limassol: Still a great choice

Limassol, the second biggest city in Cyprus, lies on the southern shore of the island amidst a cultural hotspot combining Greek culture and tradition with Western European lifestyles. The value of Cyprus property is expected to rise after Cyprus adopts the Euro at the beginning of 2008, so now is a good time to explore your interest in Cyprus property for sale in Limassol. The city provides easy access to the beach and the convenience of living in a modern city while still retaining its ancient cultural heritage.

Cyprus’ entry into the European Union is good news for anyone considering buying Cyprus property for sale in Limassol, due to the guarantee of security and stability. An investment in Cyprus property makes perfect sense, due to the island’s booming economy. Limassol is the Mediterranean’s leading trade port, so businesses that specializing in imports and exports have a good chance of long-term success.

Cyprus is a very popular place to buy a home as the cost of living is low relative to America or other parts of Europe. The language barrier is almost absent, as virtually the entire population speaks English, which is a required subject for all students, although the official languages are Greek and Turkish. While best known for its tourism, it has a strong presence in mechanical engineering as well and goods from all over the world are virtually guaranteed to be available.

You will find that Cyprus property for sale in Limassol is never too far away from the beach. Limassol is a large city that extends along the Southern shore of the island. There is also an ancient castle and the Apollo Sanctuary and other sights of interest are not too far from the city.

In Cyprus, there is hot, dry weather in summer and there is no harsh winter. While it never snows in the Limassol area, just a short drive will take you to the slopes of the Troodos mountains for your skiing pleasure. Some ski resorts there only remain open for 2-3 months each year. Still, there are purchasers who opt for the cooler climate of the Troodos when viewing potential holiday homes, preferring that to the coastal resorts’ extreme heat in the middle of summer.

Both international airports (Paphos and Larnaca) are within a one and a half hour drive from Limassol. The capital Nicosia can be reached within an hour by road as there is a very modern motorway that connects all the major towns and cities. So no matter where you buy your Cyprus property, you can be sure of a diverse choice of places to shop, which makes living in Cyprus or buying a holiday home in Cyprus, an easy decision to make.

If you are planning to buy or sell cyprus property, the entry of Cyprus into the European Union is also a guarantee for stability and security. If you buy homes in Cyprus now, you will find Cyprus property for sale in Limassol will be a sound investment for your future – the island’s economy is booming! With the biggest port in Mediterranean trade, Limassol also guarantees good possibilities for import and export if you are thinking of setting up a business there. A modern highway connects all of the island’s major towns and cities, so the capital Nicosia is only one hour’s drive from Limassol.

- Adrian Jones

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