Crashes Involving Underpassess

Accidents Involving Underpasses

Pick a skilled personal injury lawyer in Fort Benning that fights for people injured in trucking accidents, such as incidents due to trucks attempting to pass under a low bridge. Look for a good accident attorney that will try to get compensation for the pain, suffering, medical related expenses, lost salary along with other costs of their incident.

You are better off choosing a lawyer with practical experience with complicated and prolonged cases and extensive resources. If perhaps you were injured or a family member was fatally injured in a truck accident, this includes one due to falling debris, call an experienced injury law firm in Columbus Georgia.

Examples of Underpass Accidents

There are plenty of variations on underpass accidents. The principle factor for all such situations is usually that the underpass is not high enough to allow for a truck, but this may happen for a variety of reasons:

  • Truck traveling with goods way too high for the underpass, causing damage to highway and vehicles above it
  • Flatbed truck load knocked off the structure, falling on other motor vehicles
  • Truck gets stuck in the underpass and other motor vehicles crash into it due to the fact signals and reflectors are not showing
  • Trailer top peeled off, releasing contents of trailer onto roadway and producing obstacles for other traffic

Incidents such as these can occur due to the fact a truck attempts to go around a weigh station by using smaller roads. Truck drivers might not notice a low-clearance warning sign, or the warning sign may be missing. The truck may perhaps be speeding to make up time due to an bonus for early delivery. The load on a flatbed may not have been secured correctly and easily knocked off, even by gently brushing the top of the underpass.

An effective law firm will examine such accidents by methods like interviewing witnesses, consulting accident reconstruction specialists, studying the scene and reviewing the record of the driver. Find an experienced injury law firm to determine whether proper warning signs were noticeable. An experienced lawyer or attorney can find out if the driver was overdue and attempting to make up time and examine all perspectives to develop a compelling case for a client injured in a low-clearance incident.

Find out whether you have a case after being hurt because of a truck looking to go through a low underpass. Get in touch with a skilled Chattahoochee County Georgia personal injury attorney.

Contact a Personal Injury Law Firm in Columbus Georgia today if you have been seriously injured by an auto accident.

Car Accident Lawyers in Columbus Georgia may be able to get you the compensation you deserve.

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