Conference Calls: Knowing What It Takes To Reach Out To Your Customers

Market research is a tool used to gain insight and cognizance into a particular market. Data is gathered about the market participants and includes product and production information. Also data is obtained from government regulatory bodies, end users and any other agents which may influence the dynamics of that particular market. This information is then processed by market research analysts and provided to business customers to enable them to act on the information and possibly gain a competitive advantage.

There are many ways to gather data for market research analysis. It could sometimes involve one-on-one interviews with persons fitting a particular customer profile indicated by the market researcher. It could also be a group of people gathered in one venue for the purpose of collecting not only quantitative data but also qualitative data about a particular product offering. With the advances in communications technology, the use of conference calls to collect quantitative and qualitative data from market participants is a cost-effective alternative to market research.

In making conference calls, the market researcher would try to contact people from different places or offices using the telephone and allow all of them to interact in a particular forum or discussion. The use of conference calls is also a convenience for the participants because it saves them time and effort to participate in said forum or discussion. This also allows the market researcher to tap busy resource persons who would otherwise be unavailable should the resource persons be made to be present at a particular venue.

Not only that. Making conference calls will also allow the market researcher to obtain quick feedback on market issues important to its business customer. This immediate availability of information and its analysis could allow its business customer to manoeuvre itself in the market and gain additional revenues and profitability.

Generating revenue and sustaining profitability are the important concrns of any modern business. A quick and effective market survey will enable business houses to respond to the needs and expectations of the customer by providing a good product.Such a market survey will also help to keep the copetitors at bay and also please the public and the state as a good corporaate citizen.

Market research can be done in a cost-effective manner by utilizing the concerence call services offered by various market research companies. These companies themselves use such services for their market research and help their customers in obtaining current valuable information on specific market inssues and indicators. Therefore one can look for conference call services as an effective alternative to other means of conducting their market research.

Market research identifies what the market demands, and as such, is a must for a company to grow. Data for market research analysis can be captured in many ways. Directly interviewing the customer not only provides quantitative data, but also qualitative data about the product. Facilities for conducting multiple interviews exist. However, as communication technology advances, a new method of conducting market research is via conference calls. This technology allows the researcher to contact people from a wider range of demographics. Market research can now be done conveniently and cost effectively by using conference call services.

- George H. Purdy

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