Conference Call Services: Changing The Way You Handle Legal Proceedings

The technology wave is changing the way we do business today. The telecommunication tools like satellite technology, cellular telephones, DSL, advance networking, and the internet provide new, convenient, and innovative ways for people to communicate with each other. One of the most cutting edge and effective of these new technological communication tools is conference call services.

Using conference calls, it is possible to hold virtual meetings with people located the world over. It is no longer necessary to spend large amounts of time and money to travel to a particular location for an important meeting. It doesn’t matter whether you are in Nashville, Paris, Kuala Lampur; you can be in constant touch with stakeholders in your work by means of conference calls.

Conference call services have proved especially groundbreaking in the legal sector. When an in-person meeting is impractical, a conference call can bring together a legal dream team literally at the push of a button. Whether several lawyers or legal scholars wish to confer with each other, or whether they wish to consult expert witnesses or forensic scientists to provide specialized information, conference call services facilitate the types of communication which are so important to the legal profession.

Conference calls with clients is another avenue through which lawyers can handle their business proceedings. People in the legal profession can live a stressful life because they usually put in long hours doing research, meeting with clients and shifting through paperwork. Conference calls results in reducing the time spent in commuting and can be a life saver for a lawyer.

These services can also be used for marketing legal services because they give a small law firm the ability to perform at the same level and command the same amount of resources as a much large law firm would. This can be paramount in attracting potential clients because they will be getting the same quality of service as a larger law firm with the special focus that only a small law firm can provide.

One more benefit of having a conference call meeting is that the entire meeting can easily be recorded and transcribed. This makes it easy to review at a later time either for a quick reminder or for deeper analysis. With all these aforementioned benefits it is clear why conference call services should be included in all legal proceedings.

Thanks to new technology, people have more ways to communicate. One of them is by using conference call services to hold virtual meetings where people can communicate regardless of their geographical location. This cutting edge method makes meetings much easier to organize and keeps travel expenses down. The legal profession finds these kind of conference calls especially useful, and they can be used in marketing legal services to help small firms compete with bigger ones. The ability to record and transcribe everything said on a call is also very helpful, both legally and for further analysis of a case.

- George H. Purdy

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