Computer Tips: Top 11 Funny Vista Acronyms

There are some pretty funny acronyms floating around for the new Windows operating system. Here are a few I found over at

  • Very Inconsistent Software – Try Again
  • Virus Instability Spyware Trojans Adware (or Viruses Intrusions Spyware Trojans Adware)
  • Very Irritating System Try Another
  • Vista Is Stupid To Attempt
  • Volatility Isn’t Something To Admire
  • Virtually Impossible Source To Avoid
  • Vastly Inferior Software To Apple’s
  • Vaguely Innovative – Sucks The Ass
  • Venereal Infectious Sexually Transmitted Ailment
  • Vista Is Shittier Than Anything
  • Vastly Improved Solitaire Tiling Algorithms

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One Response to “Computer Tips: Top 11 Funny Vista Acronyms”

  1. graxxor says:

    Vista is still too annoying

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