Camtasia: The Perfect Way To Deliver Simulation Based Training

With high speed becoming the norm and new advancements in internet technology, online video has become and accepted learning tool. There are many useful tools to help you present informational material One such learning tool is called Camtasia

If you are interested in demonstrating a product or want to do a complete walk through for the viewer you will need the proper software tools. For that to happen, you need to implement a screen capture of the steps to take yourself and record the events on the screen simultaneously using screen capture software.

Developing screen capture videos for training purposes is achieved by means of screen recording software or simulation software. One of the market leaders in this arena is camtasia. It has been the leader for a number of years and is therefore regarded by everyone in the E-learning industry as one of the most user friendly tools.

You have a lot of options available in camtasia you can convert serious stuff into funny videos. You can record only parts of the screen or everything you see. You can add your own voice or voice over audio later The end result is of course, a simulation movie.

This software allows you to add captions, callouts, highlights text fields for the user to type in, mouse rollovers etc. You have the ability to produce only portions of the video and you can use Powerpoint to make a slide presentation with navigation controls. In short, this software qualifies to be regarded as a complete E-learning authoring tool.

Last but not the least, this software supports a multitude of languages. English, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, French and many more languages are supported. So, language is not a hurdle for delivering excellent simulations, if you happen to choose camtasia. The help files are good and the interface it quite intuitive and there are many learning tools available with which you can learn how to use camtasia in a matter of minutes.

Terri Roberts is the author of Camtasia Course and has been developing comprehensive Camtasia training for the her course.

- Terri Roberts

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