Buying A Second Home: Beyond The American Dream

For most of us, the purchase of a single home is fulfillment of the American Dream. For some, however, a second home can become a reality. If you have ever thought of owning a vacation home, you’ll find it’s a more achievable goal now that ever before.. Home prices are at all time lows, and you will find little competition to drive up your purchase price. The time is right for you to buy that great second home of your dreams.

Imagine relaxing on the sand at your own beach-front cottage. Or enjoying skiing, boating, and other water sports at your home by the lake. Or getting theme park annual passes and being able to visit the most magical place on earth any time you want. All this can be yours with a second home in Florida.

Prices for Central Florida real estate are more reasonable now than they have been in the last ten years. In central Florida, you can enjoy being a stone’s throw away from lakes, award-winning theme parks, museums, and five star restaurants. And if you want to visit the beach, it’s only a short drive away.

Alternatively, if you would prefer close proximity to the beach, an option would be to think about buying real estate in South Florida. The region enjoys good weather throughout the year, so you can vacation and enjoy the ocean whenever you like. Also close by are amusement parks, museums and wild animal preserves.

As unlikely as it sounds, buying a second home can end up saving you money. Right now you can buy a vacation home at a great price while hotels continue to charge you exorbitant prices. You can also save big bucks by doing your own laundry at home, cooking your own meals, and avoiding the charges of other amenities.

The purchase of a beautiful vacation home is an excellent investment for those who tend to vacation in the same spot year after year. No matter what your personal preference, be it a special Florida beach or a specific theme park location, you will save money in the long run if you purchase a vacation home rather than renting every year. It will retain its investment value and you will have regular use of it while you live. You can also pass it down to your children or grandchildren in your will.

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