Basement Designs – The Perfect Retro Basement Designs

If you are looking for great basement designs for your basement, you may want to consider going retro. You can turn your basement into a great place to hang out for the entire family… even if your basement is a dark, dingy sort of place where spiders live right now. On a tight budget, you say? No problem. Even if you don’t have a lot of cash to spare, you can most likely come up with something that will turn your basement into a retro retreat.

Add Some Great Lighting

Of course lighting for the basement is going to be important if you want to go through with the retro design. Consider going with some nice lava lamps or other retro themed lighting. Adding a disco ball to the ceiling will give it a great touch as well. Make sure that you add plenty of lights, since basements can be quite dark to begin with.

Go with Retro Window Coverings

It is also important that you come up with beautiful retro window coverings for your retro basement designs as well. There are many great patterns that will go well with the retro look. You can either purchase your curtains, or if you are feeling really creative, you may even want to get the material and make the curtains for the windows on your own.

Look for Pieces to Pull it Together

So now you have the lights and the curtains, but you’re not done yet. You still need a little something extra to help pull everything together. Consider throwing in some retro pillows, wall art, and similarly retro decorations that will emphasize your chosen theme throughout the whole basement.

A retro theme in your basement can definitely be a fun theme to incorporate. So if you’ve ever been tempted to decorate with a retro theme, consider using these basement designs for your basement.

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- Jessica P

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