Architectural Record – A Magazine For Business Professionals

There are many home magazines but none quite like Architectural Record. Architectural Record is an architectural magazine likened to the likes of better homes and gardens. Architectural Record is a magazine that and essential to anyone in the architecture business anywhere in the world many times over.

One great thing about the magazine is their in depth photos and layouts for great new designs. This is part of the reason the magazine does well with sales that do not only derive from the people in the business but also people that are merely looking to build their own buildings and/or homes.

This magazine takes pains to remain readable even while providing its audience with detailed information, which is a combination that is tough to match in the market. That’s why this magazine has become a market leader for people interested in architecture throughout the world, and expects to remain so for decades into the future.

The magazine provides an extensive amount of information in regards to the market and what designs are hot and are working well in today’s society. The fact that there are many different designs plays a large part in the benefit factor of the magazine. This is one of the major portions that keep people subscribing to the magazine for years and years to come.

However the magazine does not stop at the designs that are hot in today’s market. It is not merely a trendy magazine. The magazine is also home to many designs that have classic influence and layouts that can be seen for the past century. Thus the magazine is ensuring that all tastes are benefiting from this magazine.

Another interesting portion of the magazine is the editorial articles that deal with the science of building. New and intriguing things are almost always discovered in the magazine. For instance, you might discover something new and intriguing in the sections dedicated to computer drafting for buildings, or perhaps, in the section dedicated solely to the different business strategies for professionals in the architectural business.

Architectural Record is the cream of the crop when you’re looking at home magazines. Similar to Better Homes and Gardens, this magazine is perfect for both professional architects and lay people who are interested in building their own homes. With its attractive layouts and in-depth photos, this magazine covers both trendy and classically timeless designs. It covers a wide spectrum of tastes and has something to appeal to every type of person. The magazine also includes sections on computer drafting, business strategies, and the science of building, making the Record a favorite for years and years to come.

- Michael Moshkovich

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