Alarm Systems For Protecting Your Home And Family

Many people are considering installing alarm systems to protect their property. This is an investment in the safety of your home. Hard wired and wireless are the two basic kinds of alarm systems. There are advantages and disadvantages to both kinds, depending on your situation. There are many different features to both.

A security system that requires hard wiring is easiest to install in new construction so that the wiring can be put in as the house is being built. Putting a hard wired system into an existing home means a lot of tearing out and rebuilding. A wireless system is much easier to install in an existing house since it doesn’t require any drilling or destruction to the home. A wireless system is slightly more expensive than a hard wired system but may give a more satisfactory result in the end.

No major interior planning or modifications is required to install a wireless security system. This is partly because of the newer technology used and also due to the fact that a wireless system does not require as much maintenance as a wired system. Nevertheless, the reception of a wireless system from the camera to the base station, could be spotty or inadequate – depending upon the interference from radio transmitters in the vicinity, the house layout as also the distance of the camera from the base station. But finally, a wired system guarantees the best transmittance of images / video feeds to the base station.

Furthermore, though the installation of a wireless system is generally less expensive and less time intensive, the initial costs of the wireless system itself is usually greater than the wired system. Although requiring less component maintenance, inadequate reception sometimes requires moving or retuning the components. On the plus side, adding more wireless cameras or other components is much simpler and cheaper, as doing so does not require the installation of more wires.

Both wired and wireless video feed may be viewed live, recorded for later viewing, or both. It’s possible to use motion detection software to raise an immediate alert of an intrusion. The owner can use a secure website to check both the video feed and the motion detection information remotely, so the owner can be aware of these things even far away. Some alarm companies also monitor for notification of intrusion themselves and will alert the proper authorities immediately.

Determining which of the basic types of alarm systems is right for protecting your family and property requires comparing and contrasting the price, features, installation and operation of the different basic types, wired or wireless, as well as the options available in each of these categories. We hope this article has provided a basic overview of the choices, and perhaps sparked some ideas.

There are two types of alarm systems: wired and wireless. Wired systems require you to install wiring inside your home’s walls, and are less expensive when installed during construction. A wireless security system tends to be maintenance-free, but weather and other factors can degrade the video quality. Also while labor costs are less the systems generally cost more. With either system the video may be recorded for later use, viewed in real time, and motion detector software can be used, the video can be sent to a web site so the owner can remotely view the property, alarm companies can receive intrusion notifications, and summon the proper authorities.

- Edson Buchanan

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