A. T. Cross

The [tag]A. T. Cross[/tag] Company is a manufacturer of [tag]writing instruments[/tag], timepieces, and personal accessories. It is headquartered in Lincoln Rhode Island.

[tag]A. T. Cross[/tag] was established in 1846 by [tag]Richard Cross[/tag], who made pens and pencils. Cross passed his knowledge on to his son, Alonzo Townsend Cross. The company was sold in 1916 to Walter R. Boss. Boss eventually brought his sons Ellery and W. Russell into the business. Ellery retired in 1966. W. Russell sons, Bradford and Russell, joined the company in 1958 and 1961 respectively.

W. Russell Boss retired from the company in 1985. David G. Whalen became President and Chief Executive Officer in 1999. Russell A. Boss is currently Chairman of the Board, and Bradford R. Boss is Chairman Emeritus.

[tag]Cross[/tag] entered the international marketplace in 1962 and became a public company in 1971. The Cross Company is listed on the American Stock Exchange (AMEX) under the symbol ATX.

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