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Pennsylvania Contract For Deed

Saturday, October 27th, 2007

We now feature Pennsylvania Deeds and Contracts available in three formats. Each of these forms comes with instructions, ready for immediate download and Attorney Prepared.

This form can be used in Pennsylvania.

A Contract for Deed is sometimes also know as a Land Contract, Agreement for Deed, Contract Sale or Real Estate Installment Agreement. This type of Document allows the Seller to retain the title to the property and agree to transfer the title to the Buyer once all the payments under the Agreement are made and all other obligations are met. In essence, the Seller finances the purchase and holds the title or deed as security. When the Buyer completes the required payments, the Seller must deliver valid legal title by way of a deed. During the period of the contract, the Buyer makes installment payments on the purchase price and is entitled to possession and equitable title to the property. The Seller holds legal title and continues to be liable for payment of any underlying mortgage.

This package contains (1) Instructions and Checklist for Contract for Deed; (2) Information about Contract for Deed; (3) Contract for Deed; (4) Disclosure Of Information On Lead-Based Paint and/or Lead-Based Paint Hazards.

Pennsylvania Contract for Deed
Pennsylvania Contract for Deed

More information about the uses of this form are as follows:

A Contract for Deed is sometimes also know as a Land Contract, Agreement for Deed, Contract Sale or Real Estate Installment Agreement. This type of Document allows the Seller to retain the title to the property and agree to transfer the title to the Buyer once all the payments under the Agreement are made and all other obligations are met. In essence, the Seller finances the purchase and holds the title or deed as security. When the Buyer completes the required payments, the Seller must deliver valid legal title by way of a deed. During the period of the contract, the Buyer makes installment payments on the purchase price and is entitled to possession and equitable title to the property. The Seller holds legal title and continues to be liable for payment of any underlying mortgage.

This type of Agreement is useful in situations where the Buyer can’t easily obtain financing from other sources or other financing may not be even available to Buyer.

Generally, the closing costs associated with this type of transaction are usually lower than transactions involving mortgages, banks or other institutional type lenders. A Contract for Deed also allows Seller to gain interest income from the outstanding balance.

This Contract for Deed contains an AS-IS clause regarding the property. You can also choose between different payment methods i.e. with interest, with no interest, balloon payment etc…

The law in some states require a seller to make additional written disclosures, including disclosures about the condition of the house and any known problems. Check with a real estate agent or attorney in your area to determine what additional disclosures, if any, are required in your state. In some of these states, a seller may still be required to make the disclosure, even if the property is sold “as is” If not required by law, a Buyer may still request the disclosures and try to make them part of the contract.. To find out if your state has any mandatory disclosure laws, you can check with a local real estate broker or attorney, or call your state’s attorney general’s office. Most states with mandatory disclosure laws have created state approved forms that can be used to make the disclosure.

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Your First Mortgage

Friday, October 26th, 2007

Are you thinking about purchasing your first home? Or perhaps you would like to refinance? If so, don’t even begin the process
until you read what we have to say. . .

If you thought that buying your own home is out of your reach, think again. Every year thousands of people just like you are becoming home owners and you can too.

There are many programs available to people at all income levels. Much of that money is never used because people just don’t know it is available.

At the same time many existing homeowners are considering refinancing their home mortgage. They do so for any number of reasons. Some are seeking a lower interest rate while others would like to remodel their home rather than buy new.

Unfortunately the only guidelines are those seen on television commercials. They are the only ones who appear to want to just hand you money. That is also generally the worse case scenario.

You need answers to your questions. The challenge is that most first time buyers don’t even know what questions to ask. And, with the constantly changing market, even seasoned homeowners need to be aware of current trends.

You need to know what to look for and where to look. That is why we have prepared Your First Mortgage. You learn what to look for and where to find it.
Inside Your First Mortgage you learn:

  • Are You Prepared for A Home Loan – What is your home loan readiness factor? Find out if you are ready.
  • What Type of Loan Do I Need – What is the most appropriate type of loan for my needs? Sift through the confusion.
  • Fixed Rate Mortgage vs. Variable Rate Mortgage – Learn the difference between these two loans.
  • Conventional Home Loan – Understand what a conventional loan is and if it is the best for you.
  • Balloon Mortgage – Balloon mortgages are short-term loans that act similarly to a fixed-rate mortgage.
  • FHA Home Loan – Learn how to pre-qualify for a FHA loan.
  • VA Loans – Explore your qualifications and see if this is a good venue for you.
  • Contract for Deed Home Loan – This may be advantageous but you should apprise yourself of all the details.
  • How to Qualify for a Home Mortgage Loan – The qualifications of a mortgage loan are actually not that complicated. Discover some of the general guidelines of how you can qualify for a mortgage loan.
  • Home Loan Interest Rates – Everything you need to know about interest rates before you begin your application process.
  • Credit Rating and the Fair Credit Reporting Act/ FCRA – Learn how this important act impacts your situation.
  • How To Build A Lender-Friendly Credit Report – In order to have a greater chance at securing a loan, your credit report and rating must be in good standing.
  • Save a Sizeable Down Payment – Discover all the ways you can save and come up with the cash you need.
  • Why You May Have to Accept a Higher Interest Rate – Or why you should. Lower isn’t always better.
  • Important Things to look for in a Lender – How to explore all your options.

is informative and will walk you through the steps you need to take to help save thousands of dollars on your home mortgage.

Some people pay hundreds of dollars to attend financial seminars that teach you the exact same information you will find in ebook. The good news is that you won’t spend anywhere near the amount of an expensive seminar. This ebook is being released at a special $7.77. It’s been designed to get you started at an affordable price. We do want you to keep as much money for when you do purchase your home.

Now you can get this same information for pennies on the dollar.
Grab your copy today and begin your journey toward home ownership! Only $7.77

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Conference Calls: Knowing What It Takes To Reach Out To Your Customers

Monday, October 22nd, 2007

Market research is a tool used to gain insight and cognizance into a particular market. Data is gathered about the market participants and includes product and production information. Also data is obtained from government regulatory bodies, end users and any other agents which may influence the dynamics of that particular market. This information is then processed by market research analysts and provided to business customers to enable them to act on the information and possibly gain a competitive advantage.

There are many ways to gather data for market research analysis. It could sometimes involve one-on-one interviews with persons fitting a particular customer profile indicated by the market researcher. It could also be a group of people gathered in one venue for the purpose of collecting not only quantitative data but also qualitative data about a particular product offering. With the advances in communications technology, the use of conference calls to collect quantitative and qualitative data from market participants is a cost-effective alternative to market research.

In making conference calls, the market researcher would try to contact people from different places or offices using the telephone and allow all of them to interact in a particular forum or discussion. The use of conference calls is also a convenience for the participants because it saves them time and effort to participate in said forum or discussion. This also allows the market researcher to tap busy resource persons who would otherwise be unavailable should the resource persons be made to be present at a particular venue.

Not only that. Making conference calls will also allow the market researcher to obtain quick feedback on market issues important to its business customer. This immediate availability of information and its analysis could allow its business customer to manoeuvre itself in the market and gain additional revenues and profitability.

Generating revenue and sustaining profitability are the important concrns of any modern business. A quick and effective market survey will enable business houses to respond to the needs and expectations of the customer by providing a good product.Such a market survey will also help to keep the copetitors at bay and also please the public and the state as a good corporaate citizen.

Market research can be done in a cost-effective manner by utilizing the concerence call services offered by various market research companies. These companies themselves use such services for their market research and help their customers in obtaining current valuable information on specific market inssues and indicators. Therefore one can look for conference call services as an effective alternative to other means of conducting their market research.

Market research identifies what the market demands, and as such, is a must for a company to grow. Data for market research analysis can be captured in many ways. Directly interviewing the customer not only provides quantitative data, but also qualitative data about the product. Facilities for conducting multiple interviews exist. However, as communication technology advances, a new method of conducting market research is via conference calls. This technology allows the researcher to contact people from a wider range of demographics. Market research can now be done conveniently and cost effectively by using conference call services.

- George H. Purdy

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Real Ways To Make Money On The Internet: No Shortage Of It

Monday, October 22nd, 2007

There are several real ways to make money on the internet, with endless possibilities. One significant reason for the acceptance of making money through the internet is that it is an easier way to reach your customer. Also the internet offers you a larger potential customer base. Before the use of the internet it was not plausible to think you would regularly receive business from non-local customers, but with the onset of the internet this type of thought has become accepted as the norm.

One key factor you have to understand in order to really grasp how to make more money in the Internet is the influence of what is referred to as Web 2.0. This may be a confusing term to some, but it’s really quite simple. Web 2.0 basically refers to the new and more interactive ways in which people use the internet. Many of the social networking and auction sites fall into this category of Web 2.0 sites. Web 2.0 greatly increases the amount of real ways to make money on the internet because it provides a much broader customer base.

Another way to increase customer base and create real ways to make money on the internet is by creating a search engine marketing strategy. Essentially it’s a service that’s intended to increase web traffic to our product base. Creating a strategy can greatly increase your customer base and put your business on top. It’s known that many customers will tend to buy from the first product, they find what they want and they buy it. If you are the first business they find that offers the product they want, chances are you are the winner of that client.

Many people are telling about their successfull stories about finding real ways to make money on the internet. One of the most common examples is to make it sure that your search engine tags are appropriate for the product you are trying to sell and to the customer base you are referring to. There’s a reason why this thing is fundamental: and the reason is that you surely want to be found by the people that are going to spend their money to buy products from you.

The most important concept of making money on the internet is everyone has a customer base and increasing the customer base is directly proportionate to increasing revenue. The more customers you have the more money you stand to make. So if you wish to increase revenue by selling on the web it is important to utilize the tools that are available to you in order to do so.

Be familiar with the various auction and social networking websites, and know how they work. You might not have considered using them, but they can greatly increase the amount of customers your business gets, which boosts your revenue. Another valuable tool is a search engine marketing strategy. With a good strategy, you can greatly improve the amount of traffic your business’s website receives. This, too, will increase your revenues and, most likely, your profits.

- Daniel Lesser

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The Perils of Spyware

Monday, October 22nd, 2007

My friend is a sport fisherman, at least that’s what he daydreams about, on a routine day he tunes up home computers and does an outstanding job and has a sterling reputation. When the geek gods send me a personal computer problem, Jody is the person I dial and no matter how complicated or intricate the problem, give him some room and he’ll ferret out the solution. He told me something alarming last night, it seems that a large percentage of the PCs he fixes have spyware or adware on their systems, and most his clients are ignorant of it; calling him when their machines grind to a halt.

The net is like to a living, breathing organism continually evolving, and not always in a helpful direction, though it certainly has given me opportunities. As times flows and expertise advances, so also does malware, spyware and adware. It is critical today to have Spyware Removal software on your system and to use it often; just as important is running software updates, since what may have worked previoulsy might overlook a virus or spywarecreated since the previous scan.

As benchmark for this article (using a separate and clean system) I ran a test, uninstalling my spyware removal software then purposedly visiting several auto surf sites. These exchanges are perfect for new internet marketers, giving them the opportunity to deliver people to particular websites, simply by their visiting and looking at other sites. The operation is performed this way:

A person visits a particular site and receives credits for looking at the site You assign these credits to a particular URL. when others follow the same process, your website is offered for review. The system allows everyone to receive traffic to their sites.

The person who first invented this is brilliant, there are some that (not all) of these sites are either run by or frequented by marketers who are less than honest. Their intent not to merely show an offer or website, but to install spyware on your home computer. And with today’s technology much of this malware is smart enough to begin the download of spyware/adware onto your home computer, simply by looking at a particular home page. I’m not criticizing these sites or discouraging their use, I am recommending vigilance and suggesting you be certain your home computer is protected.

If this concerns you, studies say you already have or will soon run into spyware or adware. If you’re thinking, I don’t visit those kinds of sites and I certainly would never download bootleg programs, then you are one of the few, but you are still need to be prepared. Take the preventative measure. To quote the old expression…

’an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’

You must be the one to take the protective measures. A lot of what is on your hard drive, either from a business or personal reasons; just imagine getting up to discover all your data gone. Appalling, absolutely… Possible?… It’s happened to others. Preventable? You bet by getting a copy of the right malware removal software.

Now that I have your attention, perhaps you’re wondering what exactly will spyware and adware do to my small network. Good, glad to see you’re thinking. For the most part spyware/adware/malware are not rampant killers, instead they are like a fly on the wall. Mostly they collect data then report back to some guy in a dark room; they can display ads and will stifle your system, slow your motherboard and reduce your connection speed to the world wide web. It’s not so much the damage done, but the fact that your life, your privacy, your system has been breached and these people (whomever they are) have no right to be there.

Thankfully there are giving people that feel exactly the way I do; this means these programmers want to take action. I don’t know how to write programs, I’m a writer, and I write these facts to offer fair warning and advise you make preparations and defend your home computer. I thank those defenders of safe browsing with the hard work and spirit to write then offer for public use these top notch spyware/adware removal programs.

Once you make a decision on which spyware/malware removal tools to use, I’d advise frequent scans of your network. When you set up the spyware removal tool properly, all of the hard work is done automatically, and probably in the middle of the night.

- Ron Rogers

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Personal Coaching: Your Path To Corporate And Personal Success

Monday, October 22nd, 2007

Much has been said about the importance of setting goals to achieve results. That’s where clarity, goals, and balance come in, because all of these elements contribute to optimum performance, and the ability to get what you really want out of life. A personal coach will help you set the best goals for your situation.

As life becomes more and more complex in today’s complicated world, every city is witnessing an explosion of demand for personal coaches. Just as a lens held out in the sunlight gathers and combines the rays to a single powerful one, personal coach too helps an individual by clarifying fuzzy thinking. He helps to determine and reach the goals, at the same time showing how to live a balanced life.

There is a difference between a personal coach and a therapist. Therapy is designed to focus on the past and help you correct problems that occurred as a result of past events. A coach looks to the future, and to help you maximize your skills and knowledge so you can achieve everything that you can.

The personal coach does not give advice. Instead, personal coaching helps the client identify what he or she most wants to be or do and helps them build on their strengths and create a plan of action. We’re always more committed to a plan of action we ourselves have created, than to a plan created by someone else.

It has been estimated that only 20% of individuals who pursue fitness programs achieve their goals; of the 20% who succeed, more than 80% have had the benefit of guidance from a coach.Accountability to an objective third party is one of the key factors in getting measurable results and significantly improves the odds of achieving success.

Anyone who wants to achieve their goals can benefit from personal coaching. Many athletes have personal coaches, as do a growing number of professionals and executives. In the work place, corporations are using personal coaching programs as part of their human resource management strategy.

The coach will ask questions such as: What’s the biggest challenge you have? What do you really want? What are you merely tolerating? What manageable steps would help you to achieve your goals? Personal coaching may involve homework and exercises, and your coach will seek feedback.

Every one with unmet ambitions or unrealized potential can gain from personal coaches. A personal coach helps you clarify your thinking, setting goals and focusing your efforts towards achieving them and gaining a sense of balance in your life. He is not a therapist but a facilitator for maximizing your potential. His personal coaching improves your performance and also helps you through homework, exercises and your feedback, to face such questions as what you really want out of your life and how to go about attaining your objectives. Coaching as part of human resource management also helps organizations to develop the capabilities of their employees.

- George Purdy

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Conference Call Services: Changing The Way You Handle Legal Proceedings

Monday, October 22nd, 2007

The technology wave is changing the way we do business today. The telecommunication tools like satellite technology, cellular telephones, DSL, advance networking, and the internet provide new, convenient, and innovative ways for people to communicate with each other. One of the most cutting edge and effective of these new technological communication tools is conference call services.

Using conference calls, it is possible to hold virtual meetings with people located the world over. It is no longer necessary to spend large amounts of time and money to travel to a particular location for an important meeting. It doesn’t matter whether you are in Nashville, Paris, Kuala Lampur; you can be in constant touch with stakeholders in your work by means of conference calls.

Conference call services have proved especially groundbreaking in the legal sector. When an in-person meeting is impractical, a conference call can bring together a legal dream team literally at the push of a button. Whether several lawyers or legal scholars wish to confer with each other, or whether they wish to consult expert witnesses or forensic scientists to provide specialized information, conference call services facilitate the types of communication which are so important to the legal profession.

Conference calls with clients is another avenue through which lawyers can handle their business proceedings. People in the legal profession can live a stressful life because they usually put in long hours doing research, meeting with clients and shifting through paperwork. Conference calls results in reducing the time spent in commuting and can be a life saver for a lawyer.

These services can also be used for marketing legal services because they give a small law firm the ability to perform at the same level and command the same amount of resources as a much large law firm would. This can be paramount in attracting potential clients because they will be getting the same quality of service as a larger law firm with the special focus that only a small law firm can provide.

One more benefit of having a conference call meeting is that the entire meeting can easily be recorded and transcribed. This makes it easy to review at a later time either for a quick reminder or for deeper analysis. With all these aforementioned benefits it is clear why conference call services should be included in all legal proceedings.

Thanks to new technology, people have more ways to communicate. One of them is by using conference call services to hold virtual meetings where people can communicate regardless of their geographical location. This cutting edge method makes meetings much easier to organize and keeps travel expenses down. The legal profession finds these kind of conference calls especially useful, and they can be used in marketing legal services to help small firms compete with bigger ones. The ability to record and transcribe everything said on a call is also very helpful, both legally and for further analysis of a case.

- George H. Purdy

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