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Internet Marketing – Reach More People

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

Marketing has existed ever since there was something to sell. Now, with the Internet, a lot of the rules have changed. It’s still important to look to the rules of marketing in general because the methods are tried and true. These are the 4 First Steps to Make Money with Internet Marketing.

1. Make your offer stand out from the rest by targeting a specific market.

You should always know who your customer is or you will never be able to sell to them. Take time to seek out the people who are interested in what you are selling. There is always someone, somewhere looking for what you have to offer them. Coordinate your internet marketing campaign around your customer and what they are looking for. If your product is similar to others on the market find a way to set yourself above your competition and make yourself easier to find and more interesting to your customer. Capitalize on customer interests through creative means.

2. Get Appropriate Customers to Visit Your Site.

After discovering your target market a way must be found to get them to your web site. This can be done in several ways. Your site can be optimized to be more easily located by search engines. Networking groups, social networking sites, and pay-per-click advertising can also be used.

3. Generate An Opt-In List From Your Website

Once someone visits your website, make sure they will want to return. You could let them opt in to a mailing list via email, phone, or street address, so that you will know the person has given their permission to be contacted by you. This is a wonderful way to keep connections with customers so they will give you repeat business.

Visitors need to be converted into customers.

Discount items, use coupon codes, or ship for free to make sure that the targeted users that view your website prefer buying from you rather than a competitor.

You can get a free copy of our latest ebook by clicking here: The 7 Keys To Business Marketing Success. Sean Milea writes about Business Marketing

- Sean Milea

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Make Your Guests Happy With This Basement Idea

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

Do you frequently have friends and family over with no place for them to stay? Using these basement remodeling ideas will provide your guests with a space to call their own.

I am sure you know how odd it can feel when you visit someone and you don’t have anywhere to sleep. You either end up taking someone else’s room or you sleep on the sofa. Give your guests some much needed relief by giving them a space of their very own.

In order for this basement idea to work, you will need to clean out your basement. Here is what you will need to get this basement project underway. – Paint for the walls – A heavy duty rug or perhaps even carpet – Some bedding for your guest bed – A comfy sofa or a couple chairs to give your guests a sitting area – If you feel like providing refreshments you can put a small dorm-sized refrigerator in there as well. – A side table with a clock – A receipt book to provide your guests with their bill… just kidding!

Paint the walls in the color you have picked out. Try to coordinate the colors with the bedding, the walls, and the sofa or chairs. As an example, choose what color you like best in your bed cover and match it to your walls.

Install your floors, or hire a professional to do it for you. Now you are ready to move the furniture in. Organize it nicely, to maximize space, and devote some extra effort to making it look great.

There are some finishing touches you can add to your guest room to make it even more special. Add a coffee pot in the room and some great flavored coffee. Make sure to add a mug or two to go with it.

Putting a small television in the room will give your guests the ability to watch some television late a night without get in the way of everyone else.

Your guests will no longer feel like they are getting in the way, or kicking someone out of their own room. This is a great basement remodeling idea, especially if you have a lot of guests around the holidays. Have fun and enjoy your guests.

Want more great ideas for your basement? Visit Basement Ideas for more basement designs, tips and advice.

- Amy G

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Renting a House? Be Wary About Making Major Interior Decorating Upgrades

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

When you rent an apartment, it’s unlikely that you can do a lot of major redecorating. Renting a home affords more opportunity to change the interior decor, depending on the personality and preferences of the homeowner. There may still be restrictions on what you can do with the home’s interior if the landlord does not want to see major modifications of the home. However, there are some homeowners who would absolutely love it if you improved the house’s interior. The latter type of owner may allow the renter a lot of freedom in their decorating options.

How Much Redecorating or Home Improvements Should a Renter Do?

If you are renting a home, think about your budget before doing anything. Since the rental home is not your property, how much money are you willing to spend for someone else’s benefit?

Some homeowners may allow the renter to make minor decorating changes such as changing the drapes or blinds, hanging pictures or painting the walls. Extensive decorating work such as replacing the flooring, tearing down walls or adding skylights might not be considered acceptable by some property owners. Some landlords might approve of this type of extensive work so long as the work is to be done by a a licensed professional. Think about it … why on earth should you spend a lot of money and time in making major improvements to someone else’s property when you receive no tax or other benefit? You are better off making do with minor interior decorations and improvements and saving your money for a down payment on your own property.

Check with the Landlord Before Redecorating

Read and understand your rental agreement before investing anything in interior decorating. The landlord may have specifically prohibited certain interior decorating activities, such as replacing carpet or doors. It is unlikely that the lease will spell out each and every possible type of improvement or redecorating activity, so check with the homeowner before making modifications to the rental house. If possible, obtain a written statement from the homeowner that sets forth the landlord’s approval of your modifications.

If It’s Iffy, Just Don’t Do It

As a renter, if you’re not sure whether you can perform a specific decorating activity and you are unable to reach the homeowner, it’s best to not make any changes. Spending money on interior improvements to a rental home may backfire on you, especially if the landowner asks you to undo the changes.

Some Quick Decorating Tips

Regardless of whether you are renting a home from a homeowner who allows a lot of changes or is very restrictive, there are some relatively inexpensive things that you can do to upgrade the interior of your rental house. Best yet, you can keep these improvements and take them to your next home (preferably, the one you buy) instead of spending money on someone else’s property that will not benefit you in the long haul.

RUGS – If the carpet or tile in the rental home is stained or just plain ugly, cover it up with area rugs or throw rugs.

ART AND PLANTS – If the wall decor is hideous and you’re not allowed to repaint or change the wallpaper, hide it with some nice artwork. Large, leafy houseplants like Ficus trees add a touch of class to a home and can cover otherwise ugly spaces.

DECORATIVE FURNISHINGS – Nice furniture will change the look of a rental home. You can upgrade the interior decor by furnishing it with futons, known for their versatility and space saving features. You can get cheap futon covers in a variety of colors and patterns that can change the look of a room. Add a few throw pillows for color and the room will look much different. For cramped spaces, futons are great. Use them as a couch or chair by day and a bed at night.

LIGHTING – The right lamps can create a sense of ambiance and draw the eye toward art or other features in the room instead of the defects. Traditional lamps, canister lamps or tree lamps can be used to direct light. Just plug them in and don’t worry about having to change the light fixtures or having to install dimmer switches.

Urbain Beck loves to write … and also loves the versatility and economy of futons. Begin your rental home redecoration by taking a look at the incredible futon designs that are available nowadays at Change the mood of any room by adding colorful or designer futon covers and throw pillows to your rental home furnishings.

- Urbain Beck

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Fast Home Equity Loans

Monday, September 17th, 2007

Equity built on a home over a long period of time would be a good source of funds when finances are needed. Many times unforeseen expenses come up and invariably people resort to personal loans for the extra funds needed. The interest rates on credit cards are so high that it sometimes makes sense to think about using the equity in the owned home for borrowing. home equity loans are offered using the property as the security. Interest rates are low in comparison to credit cards. Many financial institutions will offer home equity loans with minimal requirements.

Taking a fast and inexpensive home equity loan is a better option than to sell your home to get the money. If you sell your home, you will be left with a certain amount of cash after paying off your mortgage. home equity loans allows you to get that cash without actually selling your home. You can use a home equity loan for consolidating debt, which helps in reducing your monthly payments. You can also use home equity loans for making improvements to the home, to buy a new family car or to go out on a well-deserved holiday.

Nowadays there are a number of financial institutions that are offering home loans at very reasonable interest rates and they make the process of securing a loan simple and hassle free by offering you the most up-to-date home loans information, tools & help that assist you in making sound financial choices.

Nowadays these loans are replacing the real estate loans as they are presenting homeowners with a wide variety of options and customer can access each option to suit his need and liking. These days each financial institution is ready to modify their loan structure to meet the individual requirements of the customer.

This new method of raising cash is gaining more popularity and has become one of the powerful ways to control the worth you’ve put into your home. A home equity loan or line of credit allows you to borrow money using your home as collateral. Each lending institution offer a simple home equity loan process that gives you capital fast, acceptable rates and good terms. Fast home equity loans are a savior when you need to secure money right away.

Nowadays, the obligations for securing a home loan have been reduced to encourage more and more loan buyers. With rising competition, each lending institution is primed to give loans to people with all types of credit including fair credit. These services are being made available regardless of location, home type or credit situation.

Judith Allison writes a number of freelance articles and blog posts for different websites including John C. Clark Company Online. For all of your real estate and business forms needs, visit John C. Clark Company to order online. Professional, attorney-reviewed forms available for all states and all types of forms are ready for immediate download.

- Judith Allison

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Challenges of, and Alternatives to, Selling Property in the UK Through an Estate Agent

Monday, September 17th, 2007

Traditionally, house sales have been taken care of through estate agents. However, what is becoming more and more popular is the possibility to privately sell to a property company. Arriving at a decision about which method is more beneficial or advantageous will mean being well schooled about the potential drawbacks and benefits of both, especially if time is of essence.

With the customary route of getting in contact with estate agents and arranging a meeting, photographs are taken and the house is then listed in the estate agent’s offices and in newspapers. Some, but not all, estate agents will also place your property on an internet site which means more advertisement. In time, you will receive your first interested parties to see the house. For each viewing, the house has to look its best as anyone that visits could possibly purchase it. Unfortunately, as people who have been through this procedure know too well, a great deal of viewings fail to end with the viewer being interested, and many people are just there for curiosity’s sake. It will likely take around fifteen house viewings before a buyer is located. The buyer will then need to make arrangements for a mortgage which frequently takes a month or two. During this, home owners are still required to make payments.

It is during this time that, for most, the nightmare and stress begins. Potential buyers can change their minds for various reasons, things can be delayed due to solicitors and surveys, or even worse, the home buyer is more than likely attempting to sell their own home and it doesn’t work out. According to figures put out by the government, there is a one out of three chance of the transaction falling through. Regardless, there are going to be some sales that will go through successfully after one or two months.

There is one report that learned that many consumers who are entering the home buying or selling process are substantially disadvantaged because of the way estate agents currently operate. The agents incentives may be seen as incompatible with the seller for a number of reasons. There are some people who are happy with the service provided by estate agents but there are many who are not as lucky. As a result, and in an endeavor to sell a house quickly, there are thousands of people in the UK that are selling their houses on their own which means they have control over the procedure and the agent and his fees can be cut out.

You can sell your property directly to a buyer over the internet or to a property company specializing in quick property sales. Such property companies can often be found advertising online or in local newspapers. They will have a conversation regarding your situation with you and will generally make an offer within a few days. These property companies can finish a sale relatively quickly since they make cash purchases and are not going to get caught in chains. For this service, they’ll often give an offer that’s well under your home’s market value (10-20 percent lower, on average).

However, they do feature the incentives of a sale that’s effective and fast. There aren’t any agent’s fees and your legal fees are paid by them. Many can even recommend solicitors that’ll work at their swift pace. If the reason behind selling the house is due to financial trouble, many of these companies provide a sell and rent back service that allows you to stay living in the house as a tenant and will relieve you from the anxiety of hunting for a new place. If you want, they may also offer an opportunity to buy back the home sometime in the future at a discounted rate when your financial circumstances are healthier.

In conclusion, if time is on your side and a dependable and an honest estate agent is located, this can be the the very best way to get an offer as close to market value as it can be. However, if you’re willing to make a concession and accept a price that is discounted, you can get a stress free and private quick house sale, saving on other costs and giving other incentives especially if in a time of financial complications.

John Matthews is an online journalist who writes about quick property sales in the UK. He resides in Manchester.

- John Matthews

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Life Insurance and Business

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

Does your business have or need protection or a safety barrier, does it need more than you are expecting! The kinds of coverage that you require will depend on quite a few factors: Your business size, whether your business is a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation or LLC, if you have employees or not, type of payment you receive (is it salary, fees, commissions), whether your business is service or product based, where it is located, and your exposure to liability.

Things to consider:

Is the life insurance that you have enough to safeguard your family, should you die suddenly? In the service business, your business’s value is worth nothing when you die. An example of this: The marital partner of a departed doctor or lawyer can only put up for sale the tools of the trade, not the customers (the true bread and butter of any service business).

You can sell your service business before your death, if you can foresee when that will possibly occur. Otherwise, all owners of service businesses should safeguard their families with a life insurance policy that is at least 7x their gross income.

If your objective is to have a person in your family take over your business upon your death, are they able (and licensed) to do so? Do you have disability coverage, in case you’re unable to run your company because of poor health, injury or accident? This type of insurance will generally give you about 60% of your earnings, for a predetermined amount of time. The subsidy may be assessed taxes or not (depending on whether or not you deducted your premium payments as a business expense). More imperative…do you have insurance for Business operating cost?

Who will cover the expenditures that it takes to run your business (utilities, insurance, payroll) while you’re out of commission? Disability Insurance does not encompass your business overhead expenses, if not purchased as an add-on.

If you have partners, does your arrangement contain a Buy-Sell Agreement? This will shelter your interest in the company, should your partner unexpectedly die. Example: your partner dies…his spouse claims her share of the company.

Do you really want your late partner’s family to take over their part of the business? This type of insurance would allow you to purchase your deceased partner’s portion of the business, avoiding any conflicts or interference by outside parties.

Do you have Disability Buy-Out Coverage? What would you do if a partner becomes incapable of performing or functioning as a part of the company?

Do you want to keep paying for work that he can no longer do, perhaps for years? Following a period of time, this form of coverage would compel your disabled partner to sell you his portion of the business, based on a previously signed reasonable agreement. Of course, many of these situations may not take place.

It’s your business, you determine which types of protection you believe more important…then talk with a professional who can show you the types of coverage needed to protect your family as well as your business.

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Whistleblower Laws Qui Tam

Monday, September 3rd, 2007

Qui tam is law terminology associated with whistleblower protection laws for individuals who inform the government about fraud or other corporation misdoings. The phrase is derived from the Latin expression ‘qui tam pro domino rege quam pro seipse’, which translates to ‘he who sues for the king as for himself’. In general a Qui tam lawsuit is filed by private individuals on behalf of the government in an attempt to prevent abuse of funding and finances.

Many people who are whistleblowers realize that they will often face retaliation and harsh consequences if the speak out against their employer. This generally causes most individuals who witness these types of illegal activities to remain silent. Fortunately, these laws are in place to protect the brave people who have the courage to stand up for what they believe in. These laws are strictly designed to encourage and compensate these individuals who have taken this incredible risk to protect their country.

While it might seem like a noble idea to report illegal corporate activities to the government, the thought of losing everything you have worked for is often to overwhelming. Without employment and financial security, reporting illegal business activities is often the last thing on an employee’s mind. The United States government recognizes this and stipulates that 10% of the punitive settlement will go to the person acting on behalf of the government and its citizens.

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